Jul. 26, 2021


I heard a story a long time ago that with stay with me. I have shared this many times down through the years.

I wish this was a true story , unfortunately but it is not.

A man walked from table to table noticing that all of this were listed as 5 dollars. He thought that was odd and thought it seemed the little one would be somewhat cheap and the big ones would be much higher.

The devil was tired of wrecking the lives of God's people. Satan decided to retire and go out of business. So one day he decided to have a yard sale. He had a several long tables with every possible sin one can imagine. The tables had lying, stealing, cussing, adultery... you name it including taking God's name in vain!

He looked down to see discouragement was listed as 500 dollars. He knew this had to be a mistake thinking it was mismarked and someone just forgot the decimal point. He walked over to Satan and told him about the error.

The Devil said there was no mistake. The price was fixed correct .

The man asked why it was so high and so many others that seem much worse were not as valuable to him.

Satan looked around to make sure no one was close by and whispered... it is by far the most effective one of all!

Satan is hoping the present situation that you are in will send you over the edge.

Beth Moore