So here we go! I have had an idea for a daily devotional that has haunted me for  a long time.

                                  My quest is to write about the daily simple things right in front of me.I think God is always with us.

                                  Most of the time we miss him because we are looking for him in the big stuff.We fail to see him right                                              smack in front of us each and every day. I want to see if I can adjust the lens of your heart so you can                                       see  and spot him in your world.

                                              We may ignore ,but we can nowhere evade the presence of God. The world is crowded 

                                               with him. He walks everywhere incognito.                           C.S. Lewis


                            I had a lot of  pain last night. I have been having a lot of hip and back issues that haunt me

                            from time to time . I had a pretty good day pain wise but it it was Halloween all night long. I even got up                                       during the night and took the combo of pills that usually work but it did very little to put the fire out. I do                                   not feel like myself this morning and probably should not be at my computer. I do not like pity parties or like                               being around people who tend to throw them.

                           This short entry is about my alarm clock . A week or so ago it was just an alarm clock. It is small black 

                           and battery operated. It still does it's job and wakes me and sends me off to work  even when the electricity

                           is off. I  think I have shared before in print my family's weird habit of naming things we own and use.

                           For example , our red ATV is called ,Chuck.  You see it is used as I go around the pasture to feed our horses.

                           Even the sound of it , causes great excitement and nickering as the chuck wagon delivers vittles.

                           Wisdom comes into our lives from many different ways. Yes we earn a lot from books, movies and even You

                            Tube. Many lessons come to us through things we learn from other people . The may say things that cause us                             to look at something with a new perspective. I see myself  as one who tries to glean and from time to time                                     pass on  and along things that may help others as well as just being too good not to share.

                           I was talking with a patient that had just had a tumor removed from his kidney. It was benign and

                           he discussed the discomfort of his  surgery and the after effects but was grateful for that and

                           glad to be alive. I had tapped into one of my previous loops about being frustrated at the alarm

                           sounding off rousing me from sound sleep . I got up staggered towards it with an attitude.

                           The patient told me what he had learned recently. He corrected me and said that was not the way I should                                   treat it at all. He went on to say , I should pat it gently  after  I turned off the alarm button.  

                           He gently scolded me and I should not approach it  in that manner. I should not be irratated or angry 

                           but grateful. It was not a rude awakening but was just reminding me of something that I  had forgotten.

                           I was alive and  could get up out of that bed and go about my day and  on my way. To be honest , I did not do                              this this morning. My restless night caused be to be ticked off. I am working  on putting this new habit in                                      place and I guess I do not have it  down pat just  yet.  By the way, the alarm that sits near by my bed and                                  reminds  God has  given me another day has been given  the name Pat. ;)

                       Learning sleeps and snores in libraries, but wisdom is everywhere , wide awake on tiptoe.

                                                                                                                                                       Josh Billings

                       Time marks us while we are marking time.                            Theodore Roethke

                       This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.     Psalms 118 : 24



                             Less than a week ago ,it was Opening Day for shotgun season in Indiana. My sons who 

                             live close to us were busy that day and our oldest was in Japan.  My heart was a little heavy as I set out 

                             for a solo hunt. It was a great morning to hunt and there was little to no wind. I  only saw one deer all                                          morning right at first light. I was to dark and too far away to even tell if it was a buck or a doe. I do some of                                my best praying in the woods and I had plenty of time on my hands because the deer certainly did not                                          distract me.

                            Shortly after daybreak I was distracted several times over the next 4 hours by the lowing of a cow to 

                            the north. I knew what this was all about. This is the sound of sadness. A cow that recently had a calf 

                            has been separated from her little calf. Perhaps it had been put up in a pen because it is time to wean 

                            the little one. I never heard the sound of the calf making me wonder if it has been sold . I listed to her bawl

                            and must admit it evoked emotion in my own heart for when the boys lived under our roof and we all went                                   out and hunted together on opening day.

                             Her persistant lowing caused me to think of a Bible story.  The Israelites were in a war against the

                             Philistines and  they were losing. They decided to bring the Ark to the battlefront to give them courage 

                             and hope.  This caused the Hebrews to shout so loud it made the ground shake. The Philistines were afraid                                   when they realize the Ark was present.

                             This was not enough and the Philistines won the battle and captured the Ark. They took it and placed 

                               in their temple in front of their God ,Dagon. The next morning their statue of Dagon had tipped over as if                                       bowing in front of the Ark. They stood it up again and the next morning found it had fell over yet again                                      but  this time the head and arms were broken off as it laid prostrate before the Ark.

                              Sickness and tumors broke out and the people panicked. They sent it off to a nearby town and the same                                         thing happened there affecting old and young alike. They wanted to get rid of it in a hurry. The built a new                                 cart and hitched up two cows that had neved been yoked. Both cows had just had calved  and the little                                         ones were penned up. They loaded the cart with gold shaped tumors and gold rats as a token hoping  the                                     God    of the Hebrews would forgive them. They knew if these new moms would lead the cart away  and                                        back it  was from God. The cows did not turn to the left or right and took the ark right back to the Israelite 

                              nation. This is not natural or normal and was indeed a miracle.  The Bible tells us the new mothers were                                         lowing all the way.

                               Our nation, a nation that is supposed to be under God is now under attack. We have taken God our of our                                   schools and lives. We thought we need not heed his commands and laws and have put the truck in the  

                               truck in the ditch. Our country is having separation anxiety from God and the cries of despair  can be                                           heard   thoughout the land  and rightly so. 

                               As the deer pants for streams of water , so my soul pants for you , O God.

                                                                                                                                                             Psalm 42:1

                               The slaughter was very great ; Israel lost thirty thousand foot soldiers . The Ark of God was 

                               captured.                                                                                                            1 Samuel 4:11




                            There is a grave in the field behind our house. It is where my father's horse is sleeping in the ground.

                            His name was Rusty. My dad bought him from some people who lived near the Ohio River in  small

                            town called Derby.  My dad loved the show Bonanza. Rusty was the spitting image of the horse the 

                            that  the main character, Ben Cartwright, rode in the hit tv show.

                             He was a buckskin. to this day it is one of my favorite colors. He was tan in color with a black mane

                             and tail. He had strands of silver in his black mane and tail. He was a  tall horse and was very muscular.

                             He was a crossbreed. His mother was a Saddlebred named Easter because she was born on Easter 

                             morning. His sire was a full blooded Quarter horse.  He had the muscularity of a quarter horse and stood                                     around 16 hands. He had a proud walk and held his heard very high. As you sat upon him, you looked out at                               the world between his ears like a picture frame.

                            We had to break him and he was hard headed and stubborn. I did not like him at all at first. In the end it

                            was well worth it and was the best horses we ever had  and to this day my favorite. As dad got older he gave                               him to me. I brought him to our farm to take care of him but in my heart Rusty was dad's horse.

                            We were very close and he always looked forward to me coming home from college and would run to greet 

                            and meet me. I had to rub his big ole head before I would go into the house. It was tradition and my dad                                       claimed he could tell the sound of my car  long before I  came into sight.

                            I most often rode him bareback and rode him all day and he came into the barnyard with his head held high                                and a spring in his step as if he was ready for another long excursion. He would slide down a creek bank and                               swim across the creek and often I would would fall off and show off and grab his tail. It was fun but not fast                                enough to ski behind.

                             My wife says to this day Rusty did not like her. She thinks that Rusty was jealous of her.  Rusty and me 

                             were tight. Then I bring this pretty gal home from college and spent less  time with her him and more and                                      more time with her. I must admit she may be on to something. Rusty would lay his ears back and bare his                                     teeth at  Kim. Even though she was not in the pen ,this would cause her to take a few steps back. To this day

                              sometimes I try to lay my ears back as  I shave and I look in the mirror . I would give anything to back her                                   up like that when we have a disagreement without saying a word.


                             I  would take off my tee shirt and put it under his hugh neck. This 1200 pound animal would neck reign with                              just  this gentle pressure . I would run him as fast as he could go and he  would turn and stop with the gentle                               pressure of my shirt. My dad was shocked and surprised  the first time he ever saw me  do this.  I often think                                of this and his trust and loyality to me. It   reminds  me that I should  be  responsive to  the gentle nudges of                               my Master. This fine horse set a fine example  that I think of when I am not sure where  life is taking me. I                                     just need to trust and obey knowing God knows the way.

                             Remember I said I did not like him at first? He was difficult  to break and had some really bad habits.  It                                     took it a lot of time and trouble to get him  to come around.  My dad taught me  that you have to be careful                                  when breaking a horse. You need to teach them good habits and break them of their bad habits, but must be                                careful to never break their spirit. There is an old saying that the wildest colts make the best horses

                             and we found this to be true.

                            When I think back on this , I often think about the apostle Paul. He hated Christians an was an enemy.

                            Despite this, God did not give up on him and saw great potential to be a powerful force . At first Christians

                            were very wary of Paul thinking it has to be some kind of trick. Jesus saw something special in him and saw                                he had raw potential that he could use for good. He would need to tweak him and hone his skills some of                                     which were a little rusty.

                           Over the years , many who do not believe come around and come to Christ have proven to be   some of the                                    most effective  spokesman and recruiters in bringing people to closer to him. How exciting to know God

                            can use you or me if we just follow His lead to a tee.

                                    Habit is habit ,and not to be flung out a windowby any man, but coaxed downstairs 

                                    a step at a time.                                                                        Mark Twain

                                    The wildest colts make the best horses.


                                      When we put bits into the mouth of horses to make them obey us, we can turn 

                                       the entire animal.                                      James 3:3


                            It is fall and here of late I have being doing little around the house chores as we prepare for winter.

                            I am always filling up the horse troughs and each and every time must try to remember to

                            unhook the hoses to prevent freezing. I have goofed up in this area a time or two and dodged a bullet as                                          nightly temps have dipped below freezing. 

                            The vehicles must be winterized as well. The boat must be put in storage after it tuned not up but down for a                               winter rest and sleep. Begrudgingly  I go about these tasks . I know what to do but I do not want to 

                             but I have no choice. The beautiful trees that give us beauty, refreshing shade, and relief from the

                            scorching  summer sun  lose their leaves and leave us with yet even  more work to do.

                             I am not near as fond of winter as I was in my youth. I loved snowy days which led to no school and sled 

                             riding. Those days are far behind me. Now  I must get up very early on rough weather days

                             and make the call to see if we will still run that day or if we need to stay put and close the office that day.

                             I must factor in my office staff as well as patients  who will get out and about to make their appointments .

                             The sidewalks  at the offoce must be salted  to prevent falls.I will need to get out the tractor and grade our                                steep hill with the grader blade so we can get up and down our drive.

                             I wanted to be a grown up so I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. That has not worked out 

                             as planned so far.  It seems there are not enough hours in the day as need be. Too be honest it, bothers

                             me because it takes me longer to do things than it used to. Back in my younger days my back did 

                             not hurt like it does these days and the bones do indeed know when a front is moving in .

                             Nonetheless I praise God that I am still here and thank him for all the days of life he has given me . 

                             My friend you and I have something in common with a calendar... you see our days are numbered too.

                             I am in the winter season of my own life and I must make adjustments because of this. We need to get our                                   affairs in order and make sure we are right with God .We can get side tracked and  forget the most 

                             important thing of all. We must think ahead and be prepared  prepare to meet our Maker regardless of our 



                                      Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

                                                                                                                                     Psalms 90:12

                              Winter is not a season ; it is an occupation.                     Sinclair Lewis


                             Years ago my oldest son and I drove down to Evansville  to look at cars. I had worked that day and had no                                   clue my son wanted to look at every single car on lots scattered across the city. There were lots and lots of                                    lots. We got home around one in the morning and I had to work the next day. He drove home and I                                                  snoozed for an hour.  I woke up about a mile from our house and rubbed my eyes. As I did so, I saw                                                 something  white along the road on the right side in the weeds. It was drizzling rain and I asked Josh to stop                               and back up. I reached down into the weeds and picked up a small little yellow and white kitten. He was                                       cold  and wet  and easy to find because he was very vocal. We have had him for close to 15 years now.  His                                   name is Sushi.

                             He spends his  nights in the garage but is quite the hunter and roams all over our yard and  down into the                                     woods  as  well. He is spoiled and comes running when we tell him we have cookies (treats). He is very picky                              and loves his treats . When he is successful on a hunt, he will  bring his kill into our garage and place it right                                 in front of  the door . We literally  have to  step over his trophy to walk out . The thought of eating one of his 

                             victims has not ever crossed his mind.

                             One time I was fussing out loud to my wife about yet another kill I will have to pick up and dispose of. 

                             I thought this was odd and  funny that he does this. My wife kim asked why I thought that this was so 

                               amused by this and then with great pleasure pointed out to me that I do the exact same thing. 

                              She explained that I go out into the woods after a big buck. I shoot him and then bring  it out of the woods.

                              I drag it into our garage and then knock on the door with great excitement. I make everyone come out into                                the garage  to show off my most recent kill and trophy. I think a spotted yellow and white  cat has my tongue                               . I cannot  think of anything to say back to refute that. 

                             What I was not picking up on was the fact that this story is a perfect example how much easier it

                              is for me to spot other's spots rather than my very own!

                              Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention 

                              to the plank in your own eye.                                             Matthew 7:3

                               If cats could talk, they wouldn't.                Nan Porter

                              Kittens are angel with whiskers.                   Alexis Flora Hope

                              No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.

                                                                                                                                             Abraham Lincoln



                             We have a small beautiful lake on our farm. It has been a great source of fishing and fun down through

                              the years . I pass by it often as I travel over to the horse barn . I feed the critters early the other                                                         morning before work and there  was a fog hanging over the water. Many colorful leaves were floating upon                               the  surface and it was  indeed pretty as a picture. I had time to go back up to the house to get my phone                                      and   snap a picture but I did not do so and regret it.

                            As life often does , memories flow in and out of our minds without order and even our permission. 

                            As I sat here reflecting and pondering this, another memory of our little precious dog" Hans "stirred within                                  my  heart  and gently  surfaced . We had trouble getting pregant and had to wait quite awhile but God came                              through for  us and again for that I raise my hands, and heart to him today. Hans was our firstborn  and was                                 a special  little dog and had no clue he was a dog and slept in the bed with us his entire life. He is burried                                   on the farm behind our home but he will live forever in our hearts.

                            Back then, we  lived in a house about two miles away. Hans loved to come out to the property and 

                            ride in my old pick up truck  just as much. I am a fair weather fisherman at best. I can talk the fish are                                           not concerned or probably even aware I am there. 


                           One evening, I walked along the bank casting artificial bait. I came around the boat and was crossing the                                     dam. Hans decided to get a drink. As he did so little circles ripples went out as his little pink tongue lapped                                  up  the cool, clear water. I noticed a large dark object crise up a few feet from him . This was a nice bass                                        intent on  having a quick snack of this little pink bug or so he thought struggling near the bank.

                           Without thinking I threw my plug between them and twitched the line to make it look like it was injured.

                            The bass nailed it and I pulled in the 4 1/2 pouder and gave Hans the assist. I let the bass go but I go back to                               that day often wondering which of the two would have been more startled . I regret my interference

                             and wished I had just observed.  I would bet Hans would be hesitant to even drink from his water bowl                                         and the bas would pass on little pink bugs from that day on.

                            Many men go fishing all their lives without  knowing that is not fish they are after.

                                                                                                               Henry David  Thoreau

                             Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you....

                                                                                                                                     Psalm 55:22


                             Some go to church and think about fishing ,others go fishing and think about God.

                                                                                                                                      Tony Blake



                                   As we head into fall, there is less daylight each and every day. It takes a lot of work to keep

                                   things going on a farm. The horses are a labor of love but take a lot of time as well. I spent several hours                                      this past week fixing fence .  I do not like to think about it or much less want to admit it , but my energy

                                   is also waning with each passing years. I would like to think I can still hold my own but it takes more                                              effort and time to do the same task  as aopposed to years ago. Me and the old gray mare have 

                                   a lot in common!

                                   So last week , I was delayed at the office and again ran out of daylight. I was feding 4  hungry 

                                   horses on the east side of the barn.  It was pitch black and as I walked out of the barn a bright light                                                 shined down on me and the entire area! No it was not an alien encounter .Nor  was it a Saul 


                                    It did not startle me at all in fact I smiled and said  my mind  and my heart said thank you Jarah 

                                    without audible words. This was  solar light that our youngest had put up there a few years back.

                                    We had a very sunny day and the light was fully charged and helped me see what I was doing 

                                    and made the tasks much easier and go much faster.


                                   Had I known his intentions, I  probably would have said no. He had to climb very high up on the side of                                        the barn to  place it above the barn door. It was late and I thought that most likely he was already in bed                                       at that hour. Still even thought he was not here and present this present that did did for me was 

                                   actively at work.

                                   I think many times the things we do and say may help others in this same way. I  live with the hope that                                       maybe my feeble ministry efforts through books and stories could be at work when I am not awake

                                   or even perhaps even alive.

                                   Jarah's efforts also reminded me to send a pray upward thanking God for giving me another day and

                                   for watching over me and my family. I also thanked him for my eyes that allow me to see or the 

                                   solar light or even the light of day would not help.

                                  I also thanked him for the Bible that allows us to see  through His eyes . It helps us to continue to have                                          hope in a crazy  world where darkness seems to be gaining ground. If you are having trouble finding

                                  your way, open your Bible and ask God to see him in the dark and by the light of day. May His face 

                                  shine down upon us as in  Him alone we trust.

                                   Ears that hear and eyes that see - the Lord has made them both.

                                                                                                                                                            Proverbs 20:12

                                   Immediatly, something like scales fell from Saul's eyes , and he could see again. He got up 

                                   and was baptised.                                                                                    Acts 9:18

                                   There is always light. If only we're brave enough to see it. If only we're brave enough to be it.

                                                                                                                                                           Amanda Gorman


                                It is bow season and I have yet to be in the woods . I have been looking at several trail cam pictures

                                fellow hunters have shared with me. It has started to get those juices flowing down within me

                                as gun season is not far off.

                                I love bow hunting and it actually prefer it. The deer are relaxed and tend to follow their usual

                                habits. By noon on opening day of gun season all bets are off and all of the shooting lets them

                                know that something is up.

                                I spoke a few weeks ago on a Friday night as a guest speaker. I was invited by a friend of mine and we all                                     gathered around a big bonfire. I shared with the younger dads that one of my biggest regrets was spending                                 way too much time in the woods especially deer season when our sons were young. I shared with them how                                   fast their kids will grow and leave the nest in know time. Yes, I was told the same and had not clue how                                        true this would and it took awhile for those arrows of truth to hit home.

                               I am not sure what this season will bring. Last year was not a good one! I was having terrible shooting                                           pains from sciata down my left leg. I was not able to walk near as far as I would like too. I caught myself                                       hunting in stands closer to the house when some of the best and my favorites were a long way off.

                              One cold morning ,I decided to use our yougest sons stand which  he claims as his own. It is where  Jarah                                       always  goes and where he got his first buck. It was well before daylight and had been awhile since I had                                      ventured  into the woods and you would be surprised how easy it is to lose your bearings in the dark. I                                           shined my   flashlight down into the valley and saw several small things shining close by and in the                                                distance. It was not  the eyes of a lion, tiger or bear.. oh my!

                              I had forgotten that years ago, I had lined the trial from the edge of the field to his stand with reflective

                              tacks in the tree leading him where he needed to go. I smiled as I walked with ease and confidence as 

                              headed in.  This lighted path was a great help. Soon I was at the base of the tree. There on the tree at eye                                    level was a group of the reflective white tacks in the shape of a cross. I remember telling my young son that                               he had nothing to fear  even in the darkness and there was no need to be afraid because Jesus was right                                       there with him .

                              My leg was hurting and I was not looking forward to the climb up the steps.   I knew it was gonna be a little                               rough but my reward was waiting  above. I hope this metaphor helps you . I soon would be suspended 

                             between heaven and earth and   many  and most times feel closer to God in a deer stand  than any building I                               have ever been in.

                             As I reflected on this , I was amazed how my own words  and teachings returned to help me. I know that all                                of us will go through dark periods  as life goes on and we will beat times feel  bewildered and  feel lost. We                                  just need  to believe that Jesus is with us. We need to keep keep our eyes on the cross to lead us home and to                             things  that are far beyond and more wonderful than anything this world can offer!

                            For our present troubles are quite small and wont last long. Yet they produce for us an immeasurably great                                  glory that will last forever.                                           2 Corinthians 4:17

                          To lead an unexamined life means to rush from task to busy tasks , but not call enough time-outs to reflect

                          on life's larger meaning and purpose.                                                      Patrick Morley

                          There are times when we stop, we sit still. We listen and breezes from a whole other world

                          begin to whisper.                                                                                            James Carroll


                             My favorite season is summer but fall  for me is a close second. I enjoy hunting but the show of the leaves in                              Southern Indiana is indeed a sight to behold. If I would move from here I would long to go back home when I                                heard the leaves were in their glory. 

                             It is a challenge to know how to dress this time of year. The other morning it was 46 degrees and today we                                 will be in the mid 70's. You need to have a tee shirt handy as well as a hoody and may need and use both                                     before the day is over.

                            I love these kind of fall days. I have always called them October Flannel Shirt days. You start off working in                              the morning with a tee shirt and a flannel shirt. Around 10 ,I  take off the flannel shirt and throw it over the                                horse fence. I work until about 3 in the afternoon and start getting goose bumps on my goose bumps.  I look                                around wondering where I left my shirt and if ginkgo tablets really help your memory.The air is clean , crisp ,                               and cool and goes to the very bottom of your lungs . As our warm breath leave our body we see it. I believe                                  it reminds all of us who do believe just how blessed we are to be given another day of life. We should then

                          use our very breath to thanks God for each and every one.


                             I will praise the Lord as long as I live. I will sing praises to my God even with my dying breath. 

                                                                                                                                                        Psalm 146:2

                             Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.

                                                                                                                            Albert Camus


                             I have told stories before about the flowers in and around our house. I have shared how it takes

                             to do this chore. I often whisper a little prayer of thanks upward when we have a rain and I get to take

                             the evening off.

                             I do not like to admit this, but I often forget that some rains don't reach. The flowers that

                             enjoy the shade  on our porches are deprived of the gentle rains that they need as well. Often

                             when I do remember to water the porchies , I think about parenting. I know and can think of several 

                             situations where well meaning overly protective parents deprive their kids from learning valuable

                            skills that they will need long after the parents are no longer here to hover  over them.

                             One day I was on our  raised porch on the back of our home. I needed to water 2 hanging baskets

                              and 2 potted plants that sit right below the potted plants on both sides of the porch. The hanging

                             plants do not have as much soil so I usually water them first and give them just a bit more. 

                             I watered one of these hanging plants, I headed to the other side of the porch but suddenly stopped.

                             I heard the sound of water dripping and tried to process this without turning around.

                             I looked back  to see that the plant was running over and sharing it with the flowers below and 

                             under them.I smiled because this was a good example and reminder to all of us to share the  blessings

                             that we have been given with others.

                             He who betows his goods upon the poor, shall have as much again, and

                             ten times more.                                                         John Bunyan

                            A good measure , pressed down and , shaken togeher and running over , will be poured unto your lap.

                            For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.                            Luke 6:36


                              I usually get up around five in the morning. The first chore of the morning is to let the dogs out.

                              As the microwave warms my cup of tea, I stand out on the deck and watch the dogs . I put a lighted plastic                                  collor on each of them. Skyler has a pink one and our three legged dog Buster's is blue. It is easy to see                                           where they are in the early morning darkness. This morning both took care of their business rather fast .                                       Some mornings it takes a lot of searching to find the perfect spot to go. It seems the more pressed for time                                   that I am the greater chance there is of that very situation.

                               It is October now and the morning air is quite cool and you can see your breath most mornings. I am

                               trying to wake up and figure out who I am . When I see my breath , I often say a little thank you to God for                                   my breath and another day of life.

                               As I watched the dogs , my eyes were on the skies. I looked at several constellations high in the sky.

                               I thought of how my dad had taught me how to spot them. Since fall is upon us , several are now present

                               that are not present during the summer months. 

                               The Bible mentions a few of these. I think how God has placed them for not only to admire but to help us                                      find our way and discover new lands. Sure we came up with instruments later on, but he put them up there                                   far in advance waiting on our wits to sharpen.

                                As I stand on the deck, I stand in awe. These very stars I look upon will be still be here after my time on                                        this earth is gone. All of the characters we read about in the Bible looked up and saw                                                                             these very same stars.  They looked down and saw Jesus, Moses, King David as well as all the others. 

                                They could bear first hand witness for the stories we only  read about. This applies to not only the Bible                                       but all stories down through history.  They continue  bear  witness  to God and in turn  bring                                                              him glory . It serves as a shining example for us all to look up to. 

                                I have not been to the Holy Land. I would love to see the places where Jesus lived and to look upon the                                         things with my eyes the things his eyes have seen.What the heck, right on my back deck, I can do  just that.

                               You see, it will aways be a type of Holy land as well for me.

                               Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up 

                               at the stars.                                                                                                                       Henry Van Dyke

                               The common tasks are beautiful if we have eyes to see their shining ministry.

                                                                                                                                                                             Grace Noll Crowell




                            We have many flowers around our house. It takes quite a while to water them all. It seems

                             to me that many ideas and thoughts that I will write about  later will come to me when I am doing this                                           simple chore. It is very cool this morning and soon  our first frost will arrive. It is kinda sad because I  will                                     miss doing this.

                            Since it has not been as hot here of late ,I  have not had to do this as often. I was disappointed in myself as

                            I walked behind our house the other day. We have a trellis on both sides of our home. I plant different colors                             of morning glories and they climb up  and onto a railed porch.The ones on the north side are not exposed to                                 the sun near as much as those on the south side. The ones on the south side looked puny and were in need of                               a drink and refreshment bad. 

                           This can serve as an example to all of us. Often the playing field in life is not level. We may work at the same                              job and have equal pay but one may have a loving and supporting spouse and another is raising his or her                                   kids alone. Maybe both families have the same number of kids but one family has a child with medical issues

                         or special needs. Maybe your family is close and supportive and your neighbors have dysfunction in theirs.

                         I seen Satan  uses this to cause great distress for people because he makes them feel like there is something                               wrong with them. They beat them selves up and  and Satan adds more woes to cause more pain from the blows.


                        These flowers cannot get up and move to the other side of the house. They have to depend on the one who                                  planted them and placed them there. Even if they could move across the street or across the county, they                                     would still need someone to care for them. In this way they have this in common with us.There is something                                you can do right now that will not only to level the  playing field but tip it largely in your favor. Call on God                                an ask  him to help you . I want to share something that I have found in my own life. When we give up and                                    throw our  hands up, that is when God shows up.


                        Take heart knowing  God has placed you right where your are. Maybe you are the one that is feeling  high and                            dry and are in  need  of help. Maybe God is causing you to look across  the road or street and wonder                                              what you can do to help lend a hand to your neighbor. Perhaps you have been planted there for such a time                                such as this. 

                        We take excellent care of our bodies, which we have only for a lifetime; yet we let our souls shrivel

                        which we  have for eternity.                                                                             Billy Graham

                         A generous man will prosper; that he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

                                                                                                                                                          Proverbs 11:25



                             Upstairs in our master bedroom ,there is an eclectic display on the wall. I have bragged on my wife's 

                               ability to decorate in the past .Her skills have made our home look both comfortable and inviting. On the                                     wall are two different pieces of metal both the same size. They have been sprayed black and even though                                     they are   the same size the patterns on them are a little different.They are the top and bottom grates on a                                    register that came from the house where I grew up. 

                              My faimily would be surprised to know how many times I sit and stare at them. They take me back to my

                              childhood home . My brother and I slept upstairs in twin beds. The living room was right below us. I would                                  get up from my bed and sneak over to the register and through those grates was a great way to watch tv                                     after I was suppose to be sleeping. I knew which boards in the hardwod floor creaked and the ones that did                                 not. Despite my best stealth , my dad more times than not  would yell at me and tell me to get back in the                                     bed.

                              It was not until I was an adult that my mom spilled the beans. She  told me where and how I messed up and                                alerted my dad that I was up there. To see the tv , I had to use gently push a lever that caused the grates to                                 slant to best view the television. In these old homes this allow heat from the stove below to rise up and into                                upstairs rooms. The vent was usually wide open to allow best air flow. So when I adjusted the register , it                                      never registerd that small little particles of dust would fall  like snow and trickel  down below. That is how                                 my dad  knew ! Dust particles would trickle down and fall like snow  in a direct line of sight between my                                       dad's  recliner television.  So see it is my mom's fault! If she would have only cleaned that area a little 

                             better. Knowing my dad, I would bet a shiny nickle he probably told mom not to touch it so he would know                                  when I did.

                            I cherish these memories. Sometimes as I am getting ready for work, I have more serious thoughts. 

                            I am fearful because many people I know and are fond of ,are on their way to hell  . They  do not care 

                            about God, faith,  and heaven.  They are unaware and are not concerned of what is in store for them because                             they do not know Jesus as both Lord and Savior .When we surrender and give our life to God our names are                                 registered in the Lamb's book of life. I cannot  think of anything you are doing today that is more pressing or                                important than doing this.  I do not are who you are. If you have never done this , I pray maybe the slant on                                 my story will help you see how trully  important this is ,and will  eternally register with you.


                            Dust you are and to dust you shall return.

                                                                                                            Genesis 3:19

                            I will never blot out his name from the Book of Life, but will acknowledge his name before 

                            my Father and his angels.                               Revelation 3:5

                            I hate housework. You make the beds, you wash the dishes and six months later you  

                            have to start all over again.                                                                                   Joan Rivers



                             We have a very old small barn on our barn. It was there when we bought the property years ago.

                             It has a lean to on the east side where I store our old tractor. The horses can go in and out any time 

                            they wish . They mainly use it as a shelter not against  rain and wind, but most  often to escape pesky                                             summer flies.

                            My wife's granpa , Pete Markul, worked for a electric company for many years up north. Years ago, we did                                    not have electricity on the property. He ran a bunch of wires up to to a bright lamp in the barn. He ran the                                   wires to a special plug and put another on my old Ford truck engine. I could pull up close to the barn and 

                             plug  it in and have lights using the truck engine as a generator. This was a hugh help when I was treating a                                 sick or injured horse. He would be surprised to know that my favorite horse is named in his honor, Feather                                  Markul.

                             Years later , we had a newer tan pole barn built up on the hill. It had a living quarters as well. 

                             We spent many hours there before we were able to build a home on the farm.  We made many memories in                                   the cabin that I will always cherish. We often joke that if our rowdy boys are ever asked if they grew up in a                                barn , they can say we sure did!It was in that very room where I first started to study God's word and began                                 to  get serious about my faith. It was there where I first flirted with the idea of possibly writing a book .

                             I look back on those days with great fondness. 

                             I had to stop writing this story  and it has been almost 24  hours since I had to stop. I find it ironic but 

                             it seems I need yet another barn!  There were horse out in our front yard !  They had been there quite awhile                              but darkness consealed their presence. I said a prayer asking God to help me get them in easily and without                                mishap and I am greatful for that. It did take several hours to repair the fence.

                           Our barns and even others I see as I travel often make me think of a wonderful Bible story . A man was

                           so rich that he did not have enough room to store all his stuff. He thought he would just tear down his barns                                and build bigger ones and just kick back and take it easy. In this parable told by Jesus ,this man  is rich in                                     earthly wealth but has a poor relationship with God. He is unaware that very night will lose not only all he                                has but his  very life. This should be a warning as well as a reminder to all of us as to not let money cause us                                to lose focus of what is most important. It is ok to have money as long as it don't have you.

                                    Yes, a person is a fool to store up earthly wealth but not to have a rich relationship with God.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Luke 12:21

                                     Time goes , you say? Ah ,no! Alas, Time stays ,we go.

                                                                                                                                      Austin Dobson

                                     It's no use closing the barn door after the horse is gone.

                                                                                                                                               John Heywood


                            I was over at our horse barn feeding the horses. As I was trying  to fill up the feeder bucket,

                            the horse in its eagerness bumped my hand and spilled a great portion of it upon the ground. I was a little                                    perturbed at her ,but then wondered if perhaps this could be by grand design. 

                            A few night ago I was very tired after a long day.  It was late. I was so tired and thought about waiting 

                            till morning. It took a while but I finally got up enough to go over to the barn when all I wanted to do was                                    head for my bed. Of course I was in a hurry and that always leads to mistakes. In my haste , I  made

                            much waste as I spilled a lot of feed upon the ground as I raised up one of the 50 pound bags of feed.

                            There was enough  there that I could have filled two or three  scoops. I actually planned scoop it up for the                                  horses. I wondered again if God had something else in mind. I felt  in my heart he was behind this, and 

                            it was to be left behind.

                            I do know this that something always comes up and cleans  this spilled food. I do not know if it a deer ,

                            rabbit, or even a coon. All I know is that some one of God's creatures has figured out that  a snack can be                                      found here from time to time.

                             This makes me think of the Bible story about Boaz. This wealthy man told his men to  not to glean the fields                                perfectly. He wanted them to leave some behind for a young girl named Ruth who went out into the fields                                    each day to  provide for her and her mother in law, Naomi. I suggest you read the Bible story found in the                                     Book of Ruth. Things turned out pretty good  for him .

                             Be it a little larger tip at a restaurant, or dishing out a few bucks to someone we know who is having 

                             hard time greatly pleases God. Maybe the stray kitten who shows up on your doorstep was sent to see if you                               can spare a little saucer of milk. I know you are afraid if you feed it it will come back. That could very well                                 happen but I think other wonderful things may come your way because of your kindness and compassion.  I                                 think that when we do this , God opens up his hand even wider on our behalf.I have found you cannot                                             outgive  Him, believe me I have  tried.

                                          When you harvest your crops, do not harvest the grain along the edges of your field,

                                           and do not pick up what the harvesters drop.It is the same with your grape fields,- do not strip 

                                           every last bunch of grapes from the vines, and do not pick up the grapes that fall to the ground.

                                           Leave them for the poor and the foreigners who live among you, for I, the Lord , am your God.

                                                                                                                                                                         Leviticus 19:9-10



                                We have a curved walkway leadind from our sun room out to the garage. It  is glassed in on both sides and                                   has flowers on both sides. Often when we have guests they will comment on this as they pass through                                           this  area of our home.

                                We keep our shoes lined up in this area. It takes away from the wow factor but it is functional. There are                                        not   near as many shoes there as when our sons lived here. They always grumbled because the rule was                                        left on left , right on right ,and  both toes touching the wall. Our oldest son went to OCS in Rhode Island                                      and    these  young navel recrits  were told to leave their shoes in the hallway  with specfic instructions.                                         You guessed it.

                                  At one time I was the big man on this campus. I do not have a picture of this, but remember all our boots                                     lined up largest to small. My size 13's were top dog . My dad teased me as a youth saying that if my feet                                        grew any larger, I would have to back up to a door to knock on it.

                                  He would be amused to see that if we would line them up now, my feet would be  the smallest of all the                                          guys. We have a size 14, 15, and a size 16.  My dad passed away many years ago and only got to meet                                           our  oldest and boy were they tight.  My dad wore a size 10. I try to keep his memory alive and tell my                                           boys  stories and lessons that he passed on and along to me. I use these nuggets of truth each and every                                       day and  I often share these with patients . I am so blessed to have such a great dad. I hope that I  can                                           measure up  as a father. I have big shoes to fill indeed.

                                                           What a father says to his children is not heard by the world ; but it will 

                                                            be heard by posterity.                                        Jean Paul Richter

                                                             If you want your children to keep their feet on the ground , put some 

                                                             responsibility on their shoulders.                   Abigail Van Buren

                                                             A lie can be half-way round the world before the truth has got its boots on.

                                                                                                                                                  James Callaghan


                             Years ago I bought a big white dually . I was and so far the only new vehicle  I have ever owned. 

                              I paid close to 40 k for the truck 20 years ago. That same model of  F350 runs about 95k now!

                              Our family likes to name our cars and trucks and I really am not sure why. I called this big white truck

                              BIG VIC  mainly because we have victory in Jesus. It served me well and told me down many roads

                              and miles. As a lay speaker it has heard many prayers said out loud before I would enter churches as 

                              a guest speaker.

                              My favorite picture of me with our three boys is on a shelf in my office at home. My wife kim took the                                            picture.  I am in the drivers seat with the 3 boys looking at the camera from the  seat behind me.

                              I would not have sold that truck to anybody but I wound up giving it to our youngest son years later.

                              We gave it to him on his 16th birthday. I wote a short poem on a big circular piece of cardboard.

                              It said:

                                          Roses are red and violets are blue

                                          Now the dually belongs to you!

                                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

                               As I red and studied this morning I went back in time and replayed this memory as I read about

                               God told Moses in regard to his name. God told Moses his name was I AM.  God told him to go and ask his                                     people to be set free. When they ask who sent you tell them I AM has sent you. We see from scripture God                                 has many names . Because of that story the plate on that big white truck was IAM4AM.

                              Looking back I would bet that many people tried to figure out what on earth that stood for. Many would                                     ask me in a parking lot as I parked and it gave me a chance to do a little  witness for Christ because of that                                  big truck.

                            Once in a while I would get behind a car whose plate was 3RD DAY. I  liked to be reminded of that especially                                when I was having a rough day. When things are not going well and all hell is breaking out, Jesus 

                            broke out of the tomb on the third day and broke death grasp on us . That should give us hope and joy to                                       know that no matter what is on our plate today , it is all going  to be ok. We need to keep our eyes on Jesus

                             who has paved our way home with his own blood.

                             God replied ," I AM THE ONE WHO ALWAYS IS. Just tell them , I AM has sent me to you."

                                                                                                                                                     Exodus 3:14



                             In the southwest corner of our yard is a large tree.  This is the direction one would

                             need to travel to get to the place where I grew up. As a crow flies it would be 25 miles away.

                             It is a sweetgum tree . I planted it there because there was a sweetgum tree in my parents yard 

                             off to the side and behind my parents home. While mowing I often look at the tree in our yard 

                             and my mind takes me back in time .I think of the large tree in my parents yard and the back

                             story behind it.

                             I was young and was in my physical prime. I had my shirt off and had just finished lifting weights in my                                         parents basement. My dad had just come home from work and called  down for me to come up.

                             He said he had  a chore for me and we hopped in the truck and traveled a few miles down the road .

                             Dad had spied a small sapling along the road and wanted it for the yard. We dug it up with I would guess a                                 dirt ball around its roots close to 300 pounds. Maybe I was showing off or maybe I just wanted to see if 

                             could lift it alone. I did so but it was not easy.  I waddled thru the weeds and a small ditch and put it on                                          the tailgate huffing and puffing. He seemed pleased and impressed  but his was going agaist the grain from

                             his teachings. Through him, I had been taught a  wise man  knows to try   use his mind more and his back                                     less.


                             Over the years I watched that tree grow into a tall and mighty specimen. I glanced at it many times as I

                             was visiting my parents. My back is  not  near as strong as it used to be but no man on this planet could                                          move or  lift that tree now. It's roots are firm and it is set in it's ways.

                              I write children's books as well. I often think how we must try to bend the lives and minds of this precious                                 children towards Christ Jesus while we can. Studies have shown that the chances of them accepting him as                                 their Lord and Savior go down with each passing year. The time to teach them and to reach them is now.

                                The soil in return for her service keeps the tree tied to her, the sky asks nothing and leaves it free.

                                                                                                                                                 Rabindranath  Tagore



                            Our kitchen is to the left side of our house as you come up the hill. As you step out onto a covered porch                                          with a few flower pots. Off to the right is a lime green swing which was a must have as we built  our home.

                              I blush as I write these words because I do not have enough sense to sit out there and reast and relax as 

                              planned . Sometimes I do sit there for a few minutes before supper. I look out and see a piece of paper in the                               landscape or a tuft of grass we missed  by the sidewalk while weedeating. So instead of resting, praying ,                                     and relaxing , it turns into another work session.

                               Near the swing is a large triangular shaped piece of metal. Hanging from it is another hollow tube.These

                               items are banged or clanged together when it is time to call us up to the house and for supper. We hardly                                    ever use them but it looks cool and it is how cook let the  cowboys knew that supper was ready.

                              Our youngest son came out the other evening and wanted to tag aong with me as I went out to "feed the                                        ponies ". I was eager to show him something I had been doing to call some babies up to the fence instead                                  of going out into the field to find them. I did my dad's whistle and then banged the scooper between the bars                                on the metal red gate. They equated this  hillbilly dinner bell with the promise of of vittles  In no time flat ,                                    these youngsters came flat out running as hard as they could go. I  heard the mixture of                                                                     thundering hoofs and Jarah's belly laugh.

                             The little church I grew up has someone pull on a rope and ring the bell right before church starts. It lets the

                              sleepy little town know people are being fed up on the hill. Not many go to church these days down there 

                              these days or anywhere for that matter. It is certainly not a laughing matter.


                                                A good example is like a bell that calls many to church.

                                                                                                                                                     Danish proverb

                                                 Time has no divisions to mark its passage; there is never a thunderstorm to announce                                                                           the beginning of a new year. It is only we mortals who ring bells and fire off pistols.

                                                                                                                                                                              Thomas Mann





                         When a doc or nurse asks me about allergies of any kind, I always tell them poison ivy. I also add that

                         my lips will probably break out because I said it.I have had giant bubbles between my fingers so big I have 

                         trouble making a fist. When I do close them, the bubbles would erupt and of course  would spread to other                                    places.

                         Often in the office , I have to help patients try to find and figure out what they used or were around that 

                         caused an allergic reaction on around their eyes. Sometimes it is a new pet, change of shampoo, or a new 

                         contact lens solution. I have honed this area of questioning  and have flushed a lot of rabbits out and into the                             open over the years.

                         About a year or so I have a personal situation that stumped me. There was something in my life that would 

                         cause my lip to swell up  .It would first  start to tingle and within 10-15 minutes  . I first thought it was a gel

                         on my son's head because I always kiss him on the head. When it puffed up when he was not around, he was 

                         taken off the suspect list. I blamed my wife , the dog, a son's girlfriend and could not figure this out to save 

                         my life. My family and staff at worked showed no mercy and found it amusing especially when it caused 

                         difficulty speaking and would playfully mock me.

                         I always tell patients I learned in school our bodies never have an allergic reaction when it first is exposed . 

                         The next time is when the body has decided this is not welcome is when it blows up in some way or another.

                         I went down one Saturday afternoon to see Helen Keller's homeplace in Tuscambia Alabama. I drove up on                                 Sunday morning to find it was closed . I was disappointed but decided to go home through Columbia Tn.

                         and  visit James Polk's home.

                         It was late Sunday evening and I was tired. I dreaded the Nashville traffic. I read years ago chewing gum helps 

                         with mental capacity especially when we are fatigued. Knowing this, I reached down and popped a piece of                                  Juicy Fruit chewing gum in my mouth as I neared the city. I have a habit of running my hand though my hair 

                        when I am stressed out. I had done this more than once  in anticipation and dread of big city traffic. I felt my 

                         lip start to tingle and in no time my upper lip was hugh.

                         I had bought a hair gel in florida at a grocery store. I help my hair in place better than anything I had ever 

                         used. I knew I had found the problem. I had this on my fingers as I popped the gum in my mouth with my left

                         hand which is my usual go to when I run my hands through my hair. I never used this any more and my lips

                         have not been quite but have been quite normal.

                         Imagine you were sitting in a little country church right now and you see a stranger come in. We might turn                                 our  head out of curosity and maybe even flash them a smile or nod to make them feel  welcome.We do not                                  know  anything about them . I do know one thing indeed , they have never hurt you or someone your love. In                               short , no prior history!

                         Now imagine the same setting and we turn to see our least favoite person on planet earth. I know you know                              who I am talking about even thought I do not. I know one thing, their had been  prior history beteen the two of                            you and their presence has made you feel  funny and uncomfortable.  That person or persons that have that 

                         done this to you, you need to try to forgive them.  Even though we thought we had , this shows we were wrong.

                         Yes, I have people too I do not care for and would like to never be near or around but that is often not                                           possible. 

                      When a deep injury is done us, we never recover until we forgive.

                                                                                                                                                 Alan Paton

                        Face your deficiencies and acknowledge them;but do not let them master you. Let them teach you 

                        patience ,sweetness, insight.                                                                    Helen Keller

                         A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

                                                                                                                            William Arthur Ward



                         In front of me and on my desk, I have a very special book. I look forward to reading it in the near future.

                         Our youngest son ,Jarah, and his wife ,Kirby, gave it to me on a Saturday afternoon not long ago.

                          It was about 3 days after my birthday and they told me it was a belated birthday gift. It is called FAMOUS 

                          HORSE STORIES. I kidded and asked they how on earth did they know that I love horses.

                          Jarah said told me that I should look inside . He said the author had signed it for me. I had my doubts because

                          it has been around for awhile and was publihed in 1949. As I opened it to the front, I did not see 

                          an inscription but a sonogram! This picture of a baby inside this book told me a baby was growing inside 

                          our beautiful and wonderful daughter in law.

                          I am not sure how I held it together' but I did. I told them I can't believe you was able to get this signed for me.

                          I handed the book to Jarah who passed on and over to my wife , Kim. She opened the book and then 

                          became unglued. She cried like a baby and melted  as she saw a picture of a baby. She saw  her first                                                  grandchild for the first time. Tears and hugs all around as our hearts were joyous with this news.

                         I plan to read this book soon .I have been known to loan books out or even to give them away. This book

                         is too special and will always have a special place in my library and my heart.

                          Grandchildren are God's way of compensating us for growing old.

                                                                                                                                                    Mary H. Waldrip


                        It is ironic but as I was writing the story below, my wife fell as she was out in the yard with the dogs.She was                              not hurt bad but fell on her right arm. She came in and sit in my big leather chair and told me her story as 

                        I was telling mine.

                        Turns out that she had turned the dogs out in the back yard for a potty break. One dog obeyed the rules ,did                              his thing and came back up and on the deck. The one one is usually the most responsible decided to go for a 

                        stroll way down behind the house and close to the horse pasture. Kim had walked out there to keep her , Skyler,

                        away and alive. As Kim walked across the yard,  she was tripped up by a large piece of barb wire some idiot 

                        had left in the yard.That idiot would be me!


                        She was not mad and  I was able to keep her from calling a lawyer. I felt so thankful she was not hurt but felt                              bad because it was indeed my fault. In my defence, I do not have a leg to stand on...either. I had repaired a 

                        section of fence the day before. I picked up all my tools and headed back to the house. It was not                                                    procrastination but I planned to take this over to the barn on my next run .

                        As I thought about what to do with this, I pondered throwing it in the pond. I imagined someday someone                                    getting snagged and held in the water by their clothing or worse yet their skin. I did not forsee Kim going 

                        down to that remote spot as even a remote possibility.  It goes to show that we all need to think about the  o                              loose ends during any project for that matter. We need to think about those who will will come up behind us .

                          There are some wonderful moms and dads out there that would do anything and everything for their kids.

                           They do not have faith and are not raising them in Christ or the church. It concerns me greatly that these                                    parents do not realize how much their family including their kids are in danger of hell after this life is over.

                           Much sorrow and pain will be caused because of what they did not put in place and leave behind . They were                             doing this that and the other thing and forgot to give the most important of all lessons. They need need to                                    make sure that their legacy is about following Jesus and making him their Lord and Savior.The Word will                                     protect them from the world and all the evil it offers. They will see things that the others do not see or even                                  know to look for. 

                                                         We never know the love of a parent until we become parents ourselves.

                                                                                                                                  Henry Ward Beecher


                         A few days ago, I was trimming some low limbs off a clump or river birches in our front yard. It has

                         become more difficult here of late to mow around them. I did not want to take away from the look of the tree

                         but still need to take away a few limbs. As I snipped and clipped, I wondered if there was something that I 

                         could take away and  use in an upcoming story, sermon , or blog. 

                         I clipped a larger limb that had spit off into two limbs. I did not want to cut it but it was way two low and 

                         went too far out into the yard. I did not notice it at first . When I began to gather them up, I saw that a small

                         nest was in the fork. The family that had been raised there was long gone . I looked up the hill at our home

                         and felt a twinge in my heart as my wife and I are now empty nesters.

                         I picked up the nest and held it in my hand. It looked like any other nest but it had a lot of white in it. Upon 

                         closer inspection , I realized they were long white hairs. They were horse hairs either from a mane or tail.

                         I smiled because our only white mare has had a baby of her very own this summer. Her name is Wish.


                          When I curry the horses they seem to enjoy it. In the spring , large clumps of hair fall to the ground. If the 

                          wind is blowing often the hairs will cling to your clothes or get in your mouth. Every time I do this I marvel at

                          God keeps the horses warm as winter comes. Then in the spring , the birds use the strands to make their nests.

                           Our barb wire fences have many stands of hair all over the farm as the fence steals a few hairs from their 

                           tails as they swat at pestering flies. I can sometimes tell who the donor was by the color of the strands 

                           swaying in the breeze.

                          So what can we take away from this story?  I have learned that everything God does has a purpose and 

                          a plan. I like you forget this sometimes ... most of the  time to be more exact. Maybe you lost or misplaced                                     something recently like the awesome hoodie  I bought in Lake Tahoe last year and left behind at the airport.

                           Maybe God let me use it for a few days. He needed me to position right where the one he had in mind

                            could find it . As I  study His word and , I  am in awe of his ways.  I wish I could tell Wish this story and how

                            her loss helped another. I also wish I could see the person  who is  wearing that awesome hoodie.


                                   Have you given the horse its strength or clothed its neck with a flowing mane?

                                                                                                                                                                Job 39:19

                                   Troubles are often the tools by which God fashions us for better things.

                                                                                                                                   Henry Ward Beecher


                         It is Saturday. I was off today but a patient who had been working on a home project got 

                         something in his eye. I came in removed it and patched him up literaly. The foreign body  had got up in his eye                           and under  the lid. About 1/8 of his cornea was missing, and he had a pain of 9 on a 10 scale.He is going to be                           fine but there is a good chance I will need to come in tomorrow depending on how things go. Notice I did not                               say we will play this by ear. We will play it by eye. 

                         When I was first learning to ride , my dad always stessed how important it was t make sure there wer no

                          burs or any thing underneath the saddle blanket. He preached that when the riders seat hit the seat in the                                  saddle that is when the rodeo will start!

                        This patient favors his left eye and it is the one I just put a patch on. I warned him to be careful because 

                        his depth perception will be reduced even more so with the best eye out of the line up.I also warned him 

                        will pick on him and tell him every pirate joke they have ever heard.

                        When I see him again, he will tell me something I hear every single time when one has to do life with a single 

                        eye. He will have a much greater appreciation for having two eyes than ever before. His short affliction will 

                        make him  more understanding for those who must do life  like this for the rest of their lives.

                        I told him that years ago one of my favorite horses ,Rusty, had injured his eye. The poor guy coud not hold it 

                        open and it watered profusely. I doctored up  the big guy's eye and used similar human  meds I used on my                                  patient this morning. I used seveal red shop rags to patch his eye and used several rounds of gray duct tape                                spands around his hugh jaw.His eye healed as well but my 1200 pound  patient did not make this easy .

                        Our wonderful farm neighbors has taken a walk through our woods on a beautiful October afternoon. Rusty

                       and the other horses came up to the red gate overlooking the field.  They saw Rusty's occluded eye and                                         concluded this must be how I practiced doing this. Rusty knew the full story and did not say a word. 

                                                         I shut my eyes in order to see.

                                                                                                                  Paul Gauguin  

                                                        An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.

                                                                                                                                                                         Martin Buber




                         When I was growing up, we only had a well in our yard. We did not have a spigot  and a hose to clean our cars

                         or water the flowers. This well water was deep and clear and cool .It was the best water I have ever had.

                         It took quite a while and to be honest I am not there yet, acquiring a taste for what us country folk

                         distastefully referred to as' city water.'

                        I spoke about this in the small church in bristow several years ago. I told how King David longed for a drink

                        from a certain well. Three of his finest men risked their lives and fought their way to that well and brought 

                        it back to him. The king was touched by their kindness and devotion. He did did not drink it put poured 

                        out upon the ground.

                       A lady who heard me speak that day still had a well. She brought some to the small little church and they kept 

                       in the fridge until I could get back down and down it. I was with my youngest son and shared it with him. 

                        Jarah  was amazed how it was so different than what he knew as the taste of water. It was a special moment                             for me and him.  I will always remember her act of thoughtfulness . The water passed over my lips and  and is                             lone gone . It left a good taste in my mouth and her act of kindness shall remain well into the years.

                                 The common tasks are beautiful if we have eyes to see their shining ministry.

                                                                                                                                  Grace Noll Crowell


                         Last week I went around to the various water tanks. I needed to make sure they all were topped

                         off . Most people do not realize how much water a horse can down in one day. Because of this, I often stand 

                         amazed of the water drop in 24 hours during times of high heat.

                        I pulled up the lever and looked at the tank about 100 feet away and slighty down the hill from me. I 

                        counted in my head knowing I will see turbulence in the water in about 8 seconds. I did not see anything and 

                        thought the hose must have feel out of the tank. Sometimes a young horse will play and pull the hoseoff and                               away. The were two youngsters in this field  so they were on the list of suspects.

                         I walked down the hill and found that was not the case. There has to be a kink in the hose                                                                  somewhere along the way. I checked the entire span and was trying to figure out this mystery. I went back

                         to the sourse. Two hoses split off from that same point. I had forgot that when I last used it I had switched                                   hoses and a tank to the south that was full was running over and then some.

                        Everytime I fill either tank , I am always reminded of a bible story. An angel would from time to time

                        stir the waters and the first to enter were healed of their infirmity. It was called the pool of Bethesda

                        and we are told large crowds of sick people gathered there. A man who had been sick for 38 years was there. 

                        Jesus walked up to him and asked if he would like to be well. The sick man explained he had no one to help

                        him .W hen the water was stirred up, someone always get in before him. Jesus told him to pick up his mat 

                        and he was healed instantly. 

                        This really caused a stir among the religious leaders.  They got bent out of shape because Jesus healed him on 

                         on the Sabbath . They pointed out the man was sinning by carrying his mat as he walked away. Seems like 

                         they should have been happy that a man who was down and out was now up on his feet and on his way.

                         They were as confused as I was about trying to figure out why the hose was not working.  Blessings were                                       indeed being poured out and needs were being met but not in the way I thought it should be. When we are 

                         connected toJesus and have him as our source, life is indeed  full of surprises.

                                                 Crowds of sick people -blind, lame ,or paralysed lay on the porches.

                                                                                                                                                                   John 5:3


                        Since my youth, I have always been fond of the color orange. I think that is another reason I enjoy 

                        looking at the trumpet vines. Often as I trim them, I think of a heated discussion I had with an elderly patient

                        a few years ago. He was very well versed in his bible and knew scripture well. He belongs to a church where 

                        they do not allow musical instruments in worship and feel this is indeed wrong.I have preached a time or two 

                        in this type of church and I have often wondered what they feel this is so off limits.

                        I told him that many musical instruments are listed as being used as praise . We all know as a youth David

                        would play  a harp when a tormenting spirit would come upon Saul. Several times prophets would listen to                                  waited upon the Lord's spirit for guidance and direction.  The use of trumpets were used to call men to arms

                        and used in battle as well as worship.

                        This gentleman drove a car down to his appointment. In my heart, I do not think he is going to hell because

                         he drives a vehicle. . Up in the area where he is from many churches have music in their churches but the 

                         parking lot is full of hitching posts for horse and buggy.

                         As I asked about this, he told me that all of the things I had just said were true. He said  what I had  failed to                                understand that this  was all in the Old Testament. He said there is not a single mention of any kind of music                               in the New Testament. Since Jesus came, it all changed and music was not used or mentioed and challenged                              me to find a single example proving otherwise. 

                         I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I have read the Bible a few times as well. I told him I think there was                                   going to be a certain sound we would all hear when Jesus returns ,  correct me if I am wrong but iI am

                          certain it is a sound  made by a  certain musical instument. ;)

                         For the  Lord will decend from heaven with a cry of command , with the voice of an archangel, and

                         sound of the trumet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.

                                                                                                                        1 Thessalonians 4:16


                        Frow where I am sitting, I can see the arbor that covers our sidewalk as you walk up to our

                        front door. I planted trumpet vines on both sides and it is full of these beautiful orange 

                        flowers . It is so full that I need to trim it back... again. There are a few misguided sprouts that are reaching 

                        and over to a nearby rose bush. I will have to be very easy and train them to wind them in and 

                        around the arbor, or Lord knows where they might end up.

                        When I go about this I often think about our three sons who have since moved out and now have lives and God                          fearing wives of their own. They grew up in the church and all attend faithfully and I could not be any more                                 proud of them. I think back upon my own life and my mother was the spiritual leader in our home and she                                   made sure my brother and I were in God's house every Sunday morning.

                        I am so thankful  for the small little country church I grew up in . I have been known to sneak down there 

                         from time to time if time allows. Many and most of the people have passed on . I can still see them and hear

                         their voices. they unknowing were bending, training , and influencing me .  They were teaching me with their                             lives to cling to that old rugged cross.I am so thankful for each and every one of them, or God  only knows                                   where I  would have ended up.

                         Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. 

                                                                                                                                                                          Proverbs 22: 6                     


                       We have a large rock down in our front yard. It came from a field in the horse pasture down on my parents 

                        forty acre farm. I mentioned the idea of bringing it up and into their front yard . My dad  at first dismissed 

                        but later was all in. It sits off to the right as you come up the hill to our home. It is placed pretty close to the 

                        way it was  down home. When the time to come sell the farm , I took my tractor and bucket and brought it up 

                        to our farm. I spend a lot of time there . It is one of my very  favorite places to pray and talk to my Maker about

                        the things on my heart.

                        I have had so far a rough summer in regard to my health.  I have had severe sciata issues that led to a back 

                        surgery and a month later a second one as pieces of my spine broke loose causing a drop foot. I am not free of

                        of pain even know but it is starting  to lessen a bit.  I am trying to put my best foot forward(joke) but some days

                        are hard. I wonder if perhaps the lesson at hand is that  I need to put  my pride aside and let others help me.

                        As I sat on the rock  a few days ago, there was a nice wind blowing on a warm summer evening. Sometimes

                        I take the dogs with me. I was by myself. I had my hands clasped together and my head down and my eyes 

                        were closed. I had just started to pray and I heard a weird sound but at first dismissed it. Then it started again 

                        kinda the same but yet different. It had a longer and louder two toned moan or groan sound. I stopped praying

                        and looked up. I had ridden down to the rock on our red ATV . I  had not closed the door and the groaning 

                        sound was the door being moved by the wind.

                        I could not help but think how we become more verbal as we age. I am amused sometimes as the sound I make                            move about when not one is around except the dogs. I know they will not say a word. Often I pray for 

                        pets we have and some we have had in the past that have passed. One of those is buried near the rock. His 

                        name was Gus, and I put him there because he loved going to the rock as much as I did.  I still miss

                        my little buddy. 

                        The door swayed in the wind. It creaked ,moaned, and groaned as I prayed. A verse came to mind .

                         The bible tells us that Jesus prays for us!  It also tells us the Holy Spirit prays for us when we are without 

                        words and do not know what to say.

                         This verse makes me think that since all creation looks forward to what lies beyond the grave, we may see

                           pets that we have loved and lost . I am not certain this is the case, but I live with that hope in my heart.

                          All creation anticipates the day when it will join God's children in glorious freedom from death and decay.

                          And even we Christians, although we have the Holy Spirit within us as a foretaste of future glory, also groan

                          to be released from our pain and suffering.             Romans 8:22-23

                          To touch a childs face, a dog's smooth coat , a petaled flower, the rough surface of a rock, is to set up a new

                          order of brian motion. To touch is too communicate.

                                                                                                                                  James W. Angell


                        Our oldest son and he is a naval aviator. I checked my email earlier and did not hear from him today.                                               When he is out at sea , we can only  email him . At times the ship goes quite  and for many days 

                           we will not hear from him.

                           I will be out doing chores and will hear a small play flying over our farm. Before I can think I turn my eyes 

                           up to the heavens wondering if that is Josh. He did that many times during his college days . My wife says 

                           does the same.

                           I was with him  in a small Cessna one afternoon and we circled our home several times. I remember exactly                                how things  looked far below.  Our wives came out in the front yard and we could tell which one was 

                          was ,Christina, because of her bright pink shoes.


                          We covered a lot of ground or I guess sky that day. It was mainly clear skies but there were a few

                           large clouds here and there. As he zeroed in on one he asked if I had ever seen a cloud . I said,' Maybe 

                           one or two (Optometry humor)." He then asked me if I have ever touched one. He told me to crack my 

                           small window on my side and stick my hand outside. My hand was wet with moisture when I pulled it

                           back inside the aircraft.

                           I have been through a cloud and I have been through the Bible. The combination of things floating around in                               mind affect what I see, hear, and feel not only on my hand but in my heart .You tend to look at things a little                               differently when you have been through them. 

                           A child on a farm sees a plane overhead  and dreams of a faraway place. A traveler on the plane sees the 

                           the farmhouse and dreams of home.                                        Carl Burns

                            The clouds are the dust of his feet.         

                                                                                                        Nahum 1: 3


                          I have written about getting older before. I leave notes all  over to remind myself to do things. 

                          All kidding aside, I think this is one of the best habits we should aquire. We are all so busy and daily 

                          overwhelmed with information coming at us from all angles all day. Even last night as we slept, the world 

                          kept spinning, and those who feed us our news have put a spin of their own as we are informed.

                          I see many patients who write on their hands. Perhaps that is even wiser because truthfully I often lose or 

                          misplace my sticky notes or forget where I put my reminders. I guess if you really thing it is that important

                          and you want to make sure.

                         I saw a preacher yesteday morning in the office. I had not seen him for years and we had church and 

                         enjoyed a chat about our Lord . We enjoyed the freedom of those who have learned you do not need a building 

                         to have fellowship.I told him that morning I had read about the fact that God has  written on his hands our

                         names on his palms. Look at your own cheat sheet. You have a large M on each palm. That stands for

                         memento Mori. That means,'Remmember you will die."


                         Whatever your hand finds to do do with all your might. Ecclesiastes 9:10



                          I am a person who tends to get a lot of things done. I have my share of bad habits . Over the years I have 

                          absorbed a few good one. I try to get things done and then move on to the next one. In order to do that , 

                          you need to realize one is almost always more important than the next.

                          If that statement bothers you , please try to put your shoes on and now your socks. I also think pants 

                          come first. If I am staying in a hotel and there is a fire, I can live without my shirt. 

                          Many times as I plan my day , I need to keep an eye on the weather. I have some  yard work

                          that I need to do and another task is to cut up some boards in the horse stalls over in the barn. 

                          I will do the outside work first and the stalls later. Why? If it rains, I can still work innside the barn. 

                          Even if the day gets away from me and I run out of daylight, we have lights in the barn.

                          I see a lot of students right before they go off to college. Many  will have some requiements in subjects

                          that they are worried about. For many it is math. I ask them what is their favorite time of day.

                          I am amazed that many do not know and admit they never really thought about it.They are gonna have 

                          trouble in math but in life as well. You can count on it!  Why?  They do not think ahead.

                         Let's say they hate mornings and math is a weak subject for them. Then they take a college math 

                         course at 8:00 A.M. . The same course is offered at 4:00 P.M. . They may be smart but it seems 

                          they have made a mistake before they enter the classroom.

                         I made a mistake in the office a few days ago. We had a good day and seems we were going to get out 

                         and go home early. A gal came in and my heart sunk as I read the note. A young man had just splashed

                         gas in his eye . He was in severe painand 45 minutes out. I  gave the green light to head our way but did not                               use my head.

                         I needed to tell them that was ok but if they could not make it by then, go to the ER. They came 

                         almost an hour and a half later! I know better. If you do not give them a timeline they will not only take 

                         their  time but yours as well.

                         I am not a fan of procrastination.  I often jke that I am writing a book about this but it is not finished yet.

                         The title will be, JUST YOU WAIT. All my sons know this never did fly in our home and one grew up to be a                                    pilot. 

                          They grew up hearing a constant mantra:

                           Do it right, do it now, do it right now!

                          This is gonna be a bit confusing and a bit hypocritical.  One of my chores today is to pick up and haul off

                          several large limbs I  cut and left in the yard almost a week ago. It is because the limbs full of leaves will 

                          have died and they will not be near as heavy. So sometimes there is a reason to wait.  So there is always a

                          never an always and always a never. 

                           I know that I am going out on a limb here ,but they do not teach stuff like this in college. I wish

                           they did. I think they should.

                           It is not easy taking my problems one at a time when they refuse to get in line.

                                                                                                                                                                   Ashleigh Brilliant

                          I got my start by giving myself a start.

                                                                                                       Madam C.J. Walker


                            In the back of our house are many flowers. You would have trouble finding another male who 

                            appreciates and enjoys them as much as I do. I spend  a lot of time caring for them and watering them 

                            in a chore in itself that takes several minutes.I can do nothing but think as I stand there and I am amazed at

                            how many ideas that may make their way to stories are being born at such a time.

                             As i went about my routine the other evening, iI looked at the stalks that a few weeks ago held the 

                             orange tiger lillies upright and on full display. I love those flowers and have written about them

                             before. I miss them already and am a little sad because their time has passed. As I refect on them , I look

                             forward to seeing my friends next summer if the god Lord allows me to be here to see them.

                             I need to take my snippers and cut down these straw like stalks. I then notices that there was a vine 

                             not only growing around the stalk on several of them. I had planted some morning glory seeds nearby.

                             Morning glories come in different colors but my favorite are the purple ones that have a red center.

                             So I will let them stand and soon these purple flowers with adorn the now barren stalks.

                             This made me think about you and me you see. We all have others who came before us and we 

                             are enjoying things passed down to us who have lived before us and their time has such since passed.

                             An example would be money passed down after or parents have passed or to those great men

                             who have passed down and along their great thoughts and ideas that have made the world a better place.

                              I read years ago in the Bible that wisdom would give us pleasure. When God allows me to see things 

                              I get excited. I hope when it is my time to go that somewhere along the line, someone will be inspired when 

                              they read my words....perhaps even this one.

                              God speaks to all individuals through what happens to them moment by moment.

                                                                                                                                                          J.P.  DeCaussade

                               We are here on earth to do good to others.What the others are here for , I don't know.

                                                                                                                                                                           W. H. Auten

                                The morning glories and the sun flowers turn naturally towards the light, but we have to be

                                 taught , it seems.                                                                                                                     Richard Rohr

                         LATEST ENTRY

                         I was mowing our yard the other evening. I knew that I might not have enough to finish. I pulled the mower 

                         pot of our garage and found that all 3 big red cans of gas were empty. I needed to run into town and get some.

                         I was a little miffed out myself because I driven the truck in to work that day. 

                         It was a nice summer evening with a pleasant breeze. I rolled the dice and rolled on into the yard 

                         to get as much done as possible. I  almost finished our yard. I could have not been any farther from the house

                         when it started to sputter. I sputter caused me to mutter and chew myself out for being out of gas.

                         Mentally I was out of gas too. I am a completion freak and it was hard for me to walk away and on up to the

                         house but it it what it is.  I will get gas tomorrow after work. I wondered if  this unfinished task would

                         rob me of sleep.

                         Around ten o'clock I let the dogs out for bathroom duty. As I stood on the deck I saw a strange glow down

                         near where the mower was. I thought it was a reflection of the porch light. My theory was shot down when

                          turned off the porch lights. I knew what it was. I had not turned off the key. I had yet another thing to do

                          before bed. I went all the way down there but I was glad that I saw that. It had not been long so it did not

                          drain the battery .


                           I was amazed how even though it as pitch black, the tiny little orange light stood out in the darkness.

                           I wonder sometimes if I am wasting my time writing these stories and if anyone out in this world is 

                           being inspired . The world in which we live is indeed a dark place and getting worse day by day.

                           That little glow from that button on the mower help shed a little light for me.   I know it sounds silly but I                                     slept soundly.I drifted  off praising God thinking about how he used a mower out of gas to fill me with 

                           hope and encouragement. I will remember the next time I feel like I  can't cut it and cannot do this 

                           any " mower".

                            That glimmer of light , surrounded by so many shadows,seemed to say without words

                            :Evil has not yet taken complete dominion. A spark of hope is still left. 

                                                                                                                                           Issac Bashevis Singer 

                            There is a time for words and a time for sleep.


                         ENTRY 1

                         Our farm is about 4 miles east from Jasper In. We live on East Greener Road. Iknow you have heard  

                         the phrase about the grass being greener on the other side of the fence.


                         I am here to tell testify and tell you that it is indeed greener on our side of greener road. It is because we 

                         had issues with our septic system even before our home was completed.The septic system is on the southwest 

                         side of the house and our wind usually comes from that direction. I am sure you get the drift.

                        Nonetheless we love our farm, and it has been a wonderful place too live and raise our three boys.When we 

                        turn off Greener road and start up our lane we say aloud and praise both God and Jesus.We thank them for 

                        for allowing us to return home safely.


                        I would like to think our sons do this as they drive up to their own homes now . I hope they will someday teach

                        their own children to do the same.I share this with you with the hope you would consider doing this as well.


                        I feel this pleases God and is good for all of us reminding us  that even making it home safely at the end 

                        of the day, is an  very much overlooked blessing we all take for granted.

                        The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. The grass is always greenest where it 

                         is watered.                                                                                                    Robert Fulghum




               Right now, there are several daffodils blooming in various places around our farm. There seems

             to more and more with each and every day. I have planted many bulbs over the years and they have 

             spread quite nicely. There are different color varations and I enjoy them all.

             About a week or so ago, I took a large vase to the office with I think 15 or so to be displayed and enjoyed 

             up at the front desk.

            Often as I gather them I think of a pre Easter jaunt on a farm near my parents home years ago. I took a

             picture of our youngest son, Jarah, with squished daffodils hanging out of both pocket as he gathered more.

            The place where I took them was a Homeplace to a family that lived there years ago. I know of only one

            other field that would even come close to this massive display. 

            I read a book about flowers years ago . I learned something there that I have shared many times since.

            It is hared to find a good spot for flowers to grow as we match their need for light and shade. Even after we do '

           the deer and other animals mangle then even more than Jarah. 

           Here is something we missed. The book says they are delicious especially the stems. The stems are made in such 

           way that it hurts to eat them. They are untouched because it just hurts too much. They slice and dice the tongue 

           and the critters leave them alone.

            Have you noticed how God watches over and protects things he loves and  that he has made? ;) It was not in the book 

            or anywhere in your Bible, but I think God really love those yellow flowers too!

            Flowers always make people better,happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine , food, and medicine to the soul.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Luther Burbank


                        ENTRY 3


                       Our driveway is about 3 tenths of a mile long. I have had estimates for asphalt down through the

                        years and the prices keep going up.That is why we continue to go up and down our hill on a gravel road. 


                         The steepness of our hill allows the hard rains to take our gravel road  and wash it away. In fact I asked our 

                          neighbors if could just dump the next load on their property to save the rain the trouble.

                        Gravel comes in many sizes usually in numbers. One would think that 53's would be much larger than a 2.

                        It is the complete opposite.The smaller the number, the larger the rock size.

                        I have found there are other things that seemed to be named backwards. Patients are always confused

                        by the term farsightness and near sightedness. Myopia the term for near sighted patients means the can

                        see close up. I fully agree it seems that would mean that they could not .

                        Flower terms are another example. It seems the ones that come up every year on their own or annually

                        would be called annuals and not perennials.

                       I thinks people also get confused about the size of sins. They feel some are much worse than others

                       but that is not at all what the Bible clearly explains. Sin is sin! They might look at the list of the Ten

                       Commandments and feel number 1 is worst than number 10 or vice versa.The Word of God 

                       makes it clear that if you have broken even one... you have broken them all. There is not anyone 

                       who has ever lived that is guiltless except for Jesus.

                       All have sinned , and come short of the glory of God.

                                                                                                                           Romans 3:23

                       So we are all sinners and in need of a Savior.When His red blood ran down from His body that did not save

                       you. When Jesus arose from the tomb , our sins are still in place. When we ask Him to be 

                       our Savior and into our heart, our sins past, present, and future are washed away.

                        The next time Satan wants to dump a load of guilt on you, remind him you are in Jesus and 

                          your salvation is assured and you are safe and no longer in trouble.






                           I believe America has gone a long way down the wrong road. If we ever needed God's 

                           help, it is now.                                                                                             Billy Graham