So here we go! I  had had an idea for a daily devotional that has haunted me for a long time.

                        My quest is to just write about the simple things right in front of me. I think God is always wants 

                         to be present with us. Most of us miss him because we are looking for him in the big stuff and fail

                         to see him right smack in front of us each and every day.I want to try  adjust the lens of your heart so 

                         so you can see and spot him in your own  world.

                         ENTRY 1

                         Our farm is about 4 miles east from Jasper In. We live on East Greener Road. Iknow you have heard  

                         the phrase about the grass being greener on the other side of the fence.


                         I am here to tell testify and tell you that it is indeed greener on our side of greener road. It is because we 

                         had issues with our septic system even before our home was completed.The septic system is on the southwest 

                         side of the house and our wind usually comes from that direction. I am sure you get the drift.

                        Nonetheless we love our farm, and it has been a wonderful place too live and raise our three boys.When we 

                        turn off Greener road and start up our lane we say aloud and praise both God and Jesus.We thank them for 

                        for allowing us to return home safely.


                        I would like to think our sons do this as they drive up to their own homes now . I hope they will someday teach

                        their own children to do the same.I share this with you with the hope you would consider doing this as well.


                        I feel this pleases God and is good for all of us reminding us  that even making it home safely at the end 

                        of the day, is an  very much overlooked blessing we all take for granted.

                        The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. The grass is always greenest where it 

                         is watered.                                                                                                    Robert Fulghum



                        ENTRY 2


                        As you come up our drive and after you cross the small creek,you pass between two field stone 

                         pillars that match the stones on our home. There is a light atop both of them . Right now, one is green and the                           the side is white. The green light is to show support for all the people who serve our military as well

                         as those who have done so in the past.


                         At Christmas i hang white lights along the 4 rail horse fence. We change the white one to red and

                         The entryway is good to go. The placement of the red and green has a reason behind it as well. 

                          It may seem to be be random but Iassure you is not the case.

                         On a plane the red light is always on the left side and the green is on the right side. green and right both

                          have 5 letters and this was how I was taught to remember as a boy.  This applies to boats as well.

                         Our oldest son, Josh, is a navel aviator. He and his wonderful wife , Christina, are a week or two from going

                          to Japan. They have lived in several places over the last few years. They lived in Fallon Nevada

                          most recently and we were blessed to have all of our boys and their girls under our roof and together 

                          the holidays. 

                         Since they aproached our farm from the west the right light was green and the left one was on the left 

                         came home. When they were out east in Va it was the reversed. Japan is on the other side of the world

                         so I am not sure what I will do. I have not stepped it off but am told it is about as far east to west as it is 

                         west to east.

                         God is a concerned loving Father who loves you so much! He has made a way for you to come 

                         home through his son Jesus. The porch light of heaven is on . You have a green light my friend.

                         Because of the red blood of Jesus ,your sins are forgiven . Your approach is cleared as well as all your sins.


                          As far as the east is from the west,so far has removed our transgressions from us.

                                                                                                                                                             Psalm 103:12


                        ENTRY 3


                       Our driveway is about 3 tenths of a mile long. I have had estimates for asphalt down through the

                        years and the prices keep going up.That is why we continue to go up and down our hill on a gravel road. 


                         The steepness of our hill allows the hard rains to take our gravel road  and wash it away. In fact I asked our 

                          neighbors if could just dump the next load on their property to save the rain the trouble.

                        Gravel comes in many sizes usually in numbers. One would think that 53's would be much larger than a 2.

                        It is the complete opposite.The smaller the number, the larger the rock size.

                        I have found there are other things that seemed to be named backwards. Patients are always confused

                        by the term farsightness and near sightedness. Myopia the term for near sighted patients means the can

                        see close up. I fully agree it seems that would mean that they could not .

                        Flower terms are another example. It seems the ones that come up every year on their own or annually

                        would be called annuals and not perennials.

                       I thinks people also get confused about the size of sins. They feel some are much worse than others

                       but that is not at all what the Bible clearly explains. Sin is sin! They might look at the list of the Ten

                       Commandments and feel number 1 is worst than number 10 or vice versa.The Word of God 

                       makes it clear that if you have broken even one... you have broken them all. There is not anyone 

                       who has ever lived that is guiltless except for Jesus.

                       All have sinned , and come short of the glory of God.

                                                                                                                           Romans 3:23

                       So we are all sinners and in need of a Savior.When His red blood ran down from His body that did not save

                       you. When Jesus arose from the tomb , our sins are still in place. When we ask Him to be 

                       our Savior and into our heart, our sins past, present, and future are washed away.

                        The next time Satan wants to dump a load of guilt on you, remind him you are in Jesus and 

                          your salvation is assured and you are safe and no longer in trouble.






                           I believe America has gone a long way down the wrong road. If we ever needed God's 

                           help, it is now.                                                                                             Billy Graham



               Right now, there are several daffodils blooming in various places around our farm. There seems

             to more and more with each and every day. I have planted many bulbs over the years and they have 

             spread quite nicely. There are different color varations and I enjoy them all.

             About a week or so ago, I took a large vase to the office with I think 15 or so to be displayed and enjoyed 

             up at the front desk.

            Often as I gather them I think of a pre Easter jaunt on a farm near my parents home years ago. I took a

             picture of our youngest son, Jarah, with squished daffodils hanging out of both pocket as he gathered more.

            The place where I took them was a Homeplace to a family that lived there years ago. I know of only one

            other field that would even come close to this massive display. 

            I read a book about flowers years ago . I learned something there that I have shared many times since.

            It is hared to find a good spot for flowers to grow as we match their need for light and shade. Even after we do '

           the deer and other animals mangle then even more than Jarah. 

           Here is something we missed. The book says they are delicious especially the stems. The stems are made in such 

           way that it hurts to eat them. They are untouched because it just hurts too much. They slice and dice the tongue 

           and the critters leave them alone.

            Have you noticed how God watches over and protects things he loves and  that he has made? ;) It was not in the book 

            or anywhere in your Bible, but I think God really love those yellow flowers too!

            Flowers always make people better,happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine , food, and medicine to the soul.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Luther Burbank