We had a wonderful Christmas this past December . We had all three of our sons here as well as their gals. The 

'presence' of each and every one of them is far more wonderful than anything one can find, buy, and set under a tree.

       The weather was brutal and an artic blast moved through our area with snow and ice and sub zero temperatures. We 

had a white Christmas and then some! 

      Our son Josh is a naval aviator. He will soon be sent to  Japan.  To be honest ,this was a extra special one 

because it may be the last one where we are all together for awhile. It was bittersweet but is was in the back of all our minds whether we discussed it or not. I fought this off  daily by trying to be thankful for what we have and  were given.

     On 12/28/22 josh and his wife Christina had to drive to Virginia Beach to wrap up a few details prior to their upcoming departure. As they drove back, Christina saw an dog in the meridian  along  the interstate. They thought he was confused and afraid. Josh went and found he had been hit by a car and was in shock. The tempertures were still low and dangerous and he carried him back to their SUV.

     We recieved a text telling us they had to drive to lexington to find a vet. The kids paid over 500 dollars and

left him there thinking he would most likely be put to sleep. They got home quite late and it still warmed my heart to hear what the kids had done for this perfect creature and I was so proud of them for doing so.

     We all prayed for this  3 year old Border Collie(per the vet) . Josh had called him 'Buster' from the get go .I am sure because he was all bloody and busted up. We prayed not only that he would make it, but that they would find the owners or that someone would adopt him if they could save his life.

   One morning while at my computer, I saw a picture of Buster on the OR table prior to surgery. Also was an photo of the X ray of a broken left front leg. Josh had written one of the finest letters I think I had ever seen  enquiring about him and asking for an update. He explained they could not  take him to overseas but that he would adopt him themselves if they

were not leaving the country. I told the kids we would be glad to take him if the owners were not found. 

   I have read that letter several times ,and it has brought tears to my eyes each and every time.  He described our horse farm   and said we would share  our home with him if he lived and that was an option. He thanked them for thier kindness and efforts and for helping to make perhaps his last moments on earth less painful.

    Each and every day I prayed while looking at the surgery picture of him on my computer. Josh called up there but they could not tell him about the dog's status, but did say he was still alive. Hope was rekindled and we prayed the would find the owners and he would find a good home.

   Josh was speaking to some kids at the local airport on a wednesday afternoon. I was seeing patients and was to be off that afternon. I recieved a text from josh wanting to know if I was interested in a 3 legged dog!!! I picked Josh up at the airport and we drove to Lexington to pick up the newest member of our family.

  Buster has adopted us and is doing great. We had thought about getting a companion for our dog Skyler and they have become best buddies.It is unbelievable how well he is doing and he has the sweetest dispostion. Yes he hobbles ,but each step demonstates grit and perseverance . He sleeps everynight in a king size bed with my beautiful wife. I am not even able to do that because of my snoring!

   I do not think most folks realize  that God wants to be near his kids too. We enjoy our home but it it so much more wonderful when our family is here with us. We all talk and think about how wonderful heaven will be. I am sure it will beyond anything we have ever seen or imagined as Scripture promises. I believe God is excited about us all being there with Him. Our very presence will make Heaven even more wonderful even for him.

    That is not Scripture mind you, nor did a little bird tell me.  It is a take home lesson I learned from God and Jesus working through  a  gifted medical staff , and a bunch of  kind hearted souls,  and a 3 legged dog named Buster.

      Don't be troubled. You trust God now trust in me, There are many rooms in my Father's home, and I am

       going to prepare a place for you.                                                                      John 14:1-2 


      No eye has seen, nor ear has heard ,and  no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared 

      for those who love him.                                                                                        1 Corinthians 2:9