Sep. 3, 2021


I am at home right now recovering from Covid . I just spent 5 days in the hospital. my wife and I both came down with it at the same time. Kim's encounter was what I thought it would be like. However, that was not the case for is the answer to the question you are wondering and waiting for. Nope neither of us got any shots.

My wonderful friend , and my doctor told me months ago to get the shot. I am older, not skinny, and had pneumonia twice . This makes its much more dangerous.

All of us are still very confused about all the information we hear. The ER doc that worked with me me the other night has not taken any vaccinations. Many medical people in the hospital told me the same. Why? They fear the long range complications that will show up in the near future.

Our son is a navel aviator and several TOPGUN pilots have become sick after getting shots and these young studs are in the prime of their lives! As a doctor, I have had several patients tell stories of healthy family members now having heart issues weeks after injection!

I decided not to take the shot. I would take my chances. I don't know what would or would not happen if I would have taken the shot. Even then a 3 in 1 chance of picking the best one for me. I might have had a heart attack and died three hours later as was reported yesterday on the news.

I am not and will not lead a parade and saying don't be stupid like me! I have always listened to my own heart and would advise you to do the same.

However when I could not catch my breath, I laid there wondering if I had not made a fatal error. Two nights I went off to sleep with tears running down my face saying that simple childlike prayer.... now I lay me down to sleep. I wondered if they would find me cold as a popsicle in a hour or so.

I am home now and I am tired , puny, and weak. I was given such wonderful care from the staff from memorial hospital.

I about their families and goals, and dreams. They are are exhausted and weary as the fight and face this every single day!

But guys, this is gonna sound weird but I would go through it again tomorrow because there were so many blessings hidden in my hospital stay and even now. Yes I am behind the eight ball money wise and will take a while to dig out but I would not trade that cash because you see it might have saved my life.

In that hospital through prayer love and support felt more at peace than I have in years. I will save for another time but had a miracle while there. I believe in God and read my bible every day but i had drifted and was just going through the motions and I lost my first love Jesus!

This illness has restored my soul! This will make me a better man, husband, boss and father! Life had to be interrupted for me so I could reset my compass.

In 3 months, I intend to get the PFIZER shots. I will not tell you what to do. I do want To recommend you give your life to Jesus. God sent his son to help us daily and give us hope in this crazy world getting worse each hour! There is no doubt in my mind his precious red blood will keep you alive forever if you accept him as both Lord and Savior.

By the way, I was discharged around noon on 8/28 and Romans 8:28 is one of my favorite verses!