Apr. 6, 2022

What's on your plate?

I did not plan to write today. After I read my Bible and a few devotionals, I had a little extra time to set and linger in thought about what I had just read. I am currently reading a book about what we eat, why we eat , and how we eat. I am trying to control my eating and turning to food as comfort when somethings is eating me .I am a stress eater and really feel in my stomach most of us are. Most days I eat like a Great White shark and have to stop and think what i had for lunch. I think that it is good if they cannot tell and I am glad I brushed my teeth

Like you, I am swept up in the busy pace we all call life. We all collapse at the end of the day because we have way too many things on our plate(pun intended). It makes since and we do not wonder why a runner does the same and falls to the ground after a grueling pace or long race.

This same book offers many different pieces of information linked back to even our faith. I have always enjoyed this type of esemplastic teaching and approach. The veil is slowly pulled back and in a way as that it does nor scare us off but wets our taste buds to learn more about ourselves.

I read very fast ...way too fast. I praise God for this ability but sometimes like eating I need to just slow down and savor the truths at hand and savor the flavor. I am too quick to go on without giving God the time to speak to me by what He has put in front of me this very day.

I took martial arts in college for awhile. I loved the discipline that goes with this type of teaching. Teaching how to use your mind and body and using the power that is already there. It also teaches you not to use it unless there is a life and death situation. It gives you a sense of confidence and discipline . It makes you not want to beat up anybody but this mindset also keeps you from beating yourself up. Here is the kicker ;) , does not the Bible do the same? Again even as I type these very words I feel God forming thoughts not formed or planned. He is answering my private thoughts in prayer to teach me and share with you something new this day.

This book of course tells me things that not only eat more of but those things that I need to shun and stay away from. I sit here chewing over the thoughts thus far this morning. It is amazing because that is exactly what the Bible does for us. This advise can change the course of our day which could in turn turn our life upside down or make good healthy choices.

I have many flaws . Even though I work with patients every day, I am not very patient. I know there is much work needed for me in this area. One of my biggest button pushers is a person who asks question and then butts in and asked two others before I can answer the first one. Then as I start again and you soon realize they are not listening . This is what they do probably with everyone. I have learned that these people are called EGP'S (extra grace people). Then I open my Bible and It reminds me daily that I one one as well. I turn red as I turn to the next page !

I used to wonder if Satan is using this to mess with me or mess up my staff and in turn our day. I still do at times . I also think that sometimes he has allowed someone like that to "cross" my path to remind me that is what I do to him when I pray. Maybe they have been played in my life and at a specific spot to help me spot my own spots. Sometimes I turn as red Jesus's words written in the Gospel. I try to slow down and listen and try to help them best I can but wondering if not they are here to help me.

It is not a daily increase , but a daily decrease . Hack away the inessentials. Bruce Lee