Oct. 7, 2022


It has been cool here of late and starting to look like fall. As the wind gust up from time the leaves slowly twirl and turn as they fall to the ground. There is a hint of color to a few trees and soon the fall display of color will amaze us all as it does each year.

Lord willing soon I will spend a lot of time in the woods. Most will be hiking and walking as I gather information about when and how they are moving. It is not getting any easier, and here of late back and hip issues do not help. I am hurrying to type this because I have a medical appt. later this morning.

I am a deer hunter and look forward to this time of year. My office girls already know that I spend a little more time with deer hunters when I see them in the office. We share stories from years before and discuss any big bucks that we have seen .It makes it easier to rise out of bed when there is a whopper in your neck of the woods.

So lord willing I will soon gather the things I will need for the upcoming season. I will need some Advil and Tylenol to help me get through the hills and hollers where I hunt. We have to be careful with things that help us because they can also hurt us if used incorrectly. I think gun, cars and ,even Advil would serve to support this line of thinking.

There is something in the woods that you might not have heard about. I tried to find the image of this as the cover photo for this blog but it was not found. So as a favor would you be so kind to google ARALIA SPINOSA. This woody plant is also known as the' devils walking stick' . This is quite common in southern Indiana . It seems to like to grow on banks especially steep banks. My dad taught me to stay away from them as a boy and I try to do so best I can. As I am climbing up a steep hill, often I will start to slide backwards and lose my footing. I reach out for anything to prevent a fall. Many time I feel intense pain in my hand. I know that I have yet once again been hurt as I have been helped. I look down and see my bloody hand. I reached out and the woody stem of the plant has cut me up as I grabbed it. This messy hand will mess up my hunt. Deer have a keen sense of smell and the blood on my glove will make it easier for them to sense my presence. I feel foolish as I have fell for this once again forgetting my dad's wise words. As I watch it flow slowly down and over my hand it reminds me of the blood of Jesus shed for me. It reminds me of how His grace and His mercy still flows for all those who need a helping hand.

I cut a stalk down a few years ago and it is out in the garage. It is leaning against the wall. It is there to remind me not to lean in my own understanding. The bible has been placed in our lives to help us know what to choose and what to refuse. It is not there to collect dust on the nightstand but to help us understand and warn us and help us avoid the devil's tricks and traps. It has went with me and has been in several churches over the years. I use it as a prop and as I am doing now with you.

In my walk with Jesus I have seen lives ruined by things people chose . They unknowingly reached out and we happy or so they thought. The wonderful thing was placed there to lend them a hand but in the end would cause pain, heartache, and yes sometimes even loss of life and blood.

I think the name' devils walking stick' is perfect. How fitting for something that is there when you most need it. This is one of Satan's best plays! As we panic and we look for something to hold on to. It has been placed right where we need it We will foolishly reach out and it is there to hurt us in the end.

Satan does not take breaks or vacations. He is relentless and hates you, your family , and everything you love and cherish.

Be very careful and remember there is no season and he hunts day and night. If there were laws, he would abide by them. This has been going on since the fall of man. I would bet I still will reach out and grab one of these even though I know better. I will also slip up and sin many times as well. I am so thankful because the blood of Christ is there and in place so I will be fine.

I would bet my favorite shotgun, he is gunning for you and will do his best to make you slip and fall soon if not today.

Your enemy , as well as your God is watching carefully over the areas of your desires because you are volatile there.

Beth Moore

Without the shedding of blood ,there is no forgiveness of sins. Hebrews 9:22