Oct. 22, 2022


There is a large rectangular rock that sits in the front yard of our home. It would be off to the right as you approach our house from the front . Before I tell you it's name, and how it is used, and special it is to me, I want to tell you first where it came from.

I have spent many hours of my life on that rock. Sunday evenings were especially lonely for me as I left my home and family and headed back to the pressure of school . Almost always, I would go and sit on the rock before heading back on and up. I wondered what life would bring my way. I wondered where I would live and if I would ever find the gal God had for me. I prayed he would protect and watch over her and keep her safe until the day. As I did this I wondered about the color of her eyes and hair and what she was doing at that very moment. I also asked he would allow me to recognize her when that day came and he did just that but that is another story.

My parents owned 40 acres north of Bristow. This large rock was out in our horse pasture under the highlines that cut across their property. I noticed the large stone one day and suggested to my dad that we bring it over to the yard. We used my grandpa's Ford tractor . We could not push it in the bucket with our arms but laid on our backs and did a leg press to roll it over in the bucket. It sat for many years of to the right as you came up the driveway. It was about 30 yard from the front of their home.

This rock is very special to me. My parents have passed on and their farm has been sold. One piece of my youth has remained rock solid. I went down and brought the rock to our farm and placed it carefully trying to duplicate like it was down home.

I learned years later my wife of 40 plus years name would be Kim. He eyes would be hazel and her hair brown. My mom was stunned when I brought her home with me on a Friday night because I had never did that before. On another visit , I asked her to walk down to the rock with me and I proposed to her .

I still spend a lot of time there and it is one of my favorite places to pray. In fact, I plan to go there in a few minutes Lord willing to thank God for the gift of life and for allowing me to share this story with you. More time than not I am by myself but sometimes our dog Skyler will go with me. Often our cat Sushi is laying on the sun warmed rock as evening approaches as I come home from work.

I do not think cat's pray but Ian not sure. I have seen my sons sit on the rock and talk to God and it warms my heart to know they know God and ash Him for guidance .

The rocks name is Ebenezer . It bears that name because of a Bible story and I invite you to look it up.

I praise God for being a place of refuge and stability for me in a world that is fast paced and always on the move. I am moved to tears because How could I ever doubt his ways knowing he has brought me this far!

This big stone reminds me of my home and the memories made there. It reminds me of all the unknowns I had and how God has came through for me each and every time. It reminds me of El Roy ( the God who sees). God saw this farm , my wife, our sons , and this day as he does tomorrow.

This rock is not lucky nor magic. It is a place where I go to pour out my heart and talk to and with my maker.

He lets me feel His presence and His peace. His love and care for us are everlasting and in Christ we have nothing to fear. May our faith and trust in Him remain rock solid!

Then Samuel took a stone and sit it up between Mizpah and Shen and called it's name Ebenezer ;for he said, ' Till now the Lord has helped us.'

1 Samuel 7:10

To touch a child's face , a dog's coat a petalled flower, the rough surface of a rock is to set up orders of brain's motion,

to touch is to communicate.

James W. Angell

There are years that asks questions and years that answer. Zora Neale Hurston